Merry Raw Strawberry Pie

Merry Raw Strawberry Pie

I'm sitting on our terrace, writing this article and enjoying the warm sunshine.
While I'm engrossed in my work, a bird has considered to leave his "luck" on my keyboard.

I call this pure nature.

I guess a lot of people would have been upset about it, but as a positive-thinking person, I'm looking forward to my luck :).


Actually, I wanted to write something about our recipe today.

So, let's go.

A summer without strawberries is like a strawberry pie without strawberries.

Therefore we want to start the strawberry season with a fresh and fruity raw pie.


Anyone who follows us, could already find out that we admire raw cakes.
I think it's a breakthrough invention and send my kudos to the pioneers of the sweet raw gourmet food.

With the right tools, raw food cakes are very easy to prepare.

The ingredients are a bit more expensive than for conventional cakes, but therefore you can also enjoy a piece from time to time without feeling too guilty.

Even I, as someone who rather prefers hearty meals, likes an occasional piece of raw cake.
Since the ingredients are much more substantial, you are probably also satisfied with one piece.

Back to the strawberries ...

It is said that these small red fruits make you happy.
And we can definitely confirm the saying.

Our children love to pick all the small wild strawberries which sprout merrily in every corner of our garden.
It keeps them busy for quiet a while and they really enjoy the great taste of own home-grown strawberries.

We planted the bigger strawberries in old rain gutters, because the slugs liked this type too much and were always faster with eating than we.


When all the strawberries in our garden are gone, we pick more on the farmers field nearby.
This always ends with many bowls of delicious huge strawberries and happy red-smudged kids faces.

Strawberries are not only beautiful to look at, but also very healthy.
They have a very high vitamin C amount and also provide minerals such as calcium, zinc and folic acid.

Raw pies offer you the full benefits of the ingredients, for they are not baked or otherwise heated.

You can also try this cake with any other fruits, for instance all types of other berries such as red currants, raspberries, blueberries or even mango and papaya.

The great thing about strawberries is, you can easily combine them.
Either as a sweet snack or with all kinds of savory dishes.
More recipes will follow soon.

We wish you a happy strawberry season and send healthy greetings to you!

Are you a fan of raw pies? If yes, which one is your favorite?
We would love to hear from you.


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Raw Strawberry Cheesecake

Raw Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Author: go-healthy
  • Posted on: June 6, 2016
  • Category: Cake
  • Type: Raw food
  • Preparation time: 0:30:00
  • Servings: 1


for a Ø 26cm spring pan

The time reference does not include the cooling.

  • for the base
  • 200g dates
  • 50g grated coconut
  • 250g sunflower seeds
  • 3 tbsp water

  • for the cream

  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 250ml non-dairy milk
  • 250g fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 250g cashew nuts (soaked for 2 hours)
  • 80ml maple syrup
  • 250ml coconut oil


  1. For the base, put all the ingredients in the food processor with S-blade and mix.
  2. Fill the dough in a springform pan and press down firmly.
  3. For the cream, give the bananas, cashews (without the soaking water), non-dairy milk and maple syrup in a blender and mix.
  4. Pour the coconut oil to the cream and continue mixing.
  5. Spread half of the cream on the base.
  6. Add the strawberries to the remaining half in the blender and blend again.
  7. Fill the red strawberry cream on top of the other cream. You can use a fork or a toothpick to create a nice pattern.
  8. Put the cake in the refrigerator, preferably overnight or for about three hours in the freezer. If you put it in the freezer, let it thaw for at least 45 minutes at room temperature before serving. It also makes a nice ice cream cake if you don't let it thaw completely.

  1. Chris on 06/08/2016 8:51 p.m. #

    Wow, this cake looks awesome.
    I love your recipes.

  2. Sabrina on 06/12/2016 1:55 p.m. #

    This looks like summer.
    I'm definitely going to try it.

  3. Go Healthy on 06/12/2016 1:59 p.m. #

    Thanks a lot for your comments!
    We hope you like it.

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